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Proven Time Tested Self Improvement and Sales Training That Grows Your Bottom Line!

Henry S. Bunting - P.T. Barnum - Jim Rohn - Ted Nicholas - Jim Straw - Dan Kennedy - Robert Collier – Clyde Bedell – E. Haldeman-Julius – John Caples – Claude Hopkins – David Ogilvy – Gary Halbert - James Kennedy - Plus, many more ...

  • Get excerpts passed down for generations proven to create solid sales results no matter the size or technical complexity of your business;
  • Discover methods that had buyers beating a path to a merchants door that work just as good now as they did in 1912, maybe better;
  • Low cost marketing strategies used to build the worlds name brand companies, that sold even through the great depression;
  • You'll learn how to enhance proven marketing methods with today's technology and develop a keen eye for tomorrows breakthroughs;
  • Get biographies of famous sales and marketing masters, discover how they think, and how you can use that to grow your business;
  • Find out why so many of today's books won't be around in 100 years, and what you can look for to identify what really works in selling;
  • Time tested methods you can plug into any business to build results, even if you don't have a foundation of sales to build on;
  • Leverage proven core-level basics that can make any sales person more productive, any advertisement more responsive guaranteed;
  • Discover the thinking behind selling results achieved even before the fax, telephone, computer, or even the Internet;
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You'll answer these questions:

  • "What prospecting methods invented in the 1860's, before telephones and automobiles, works today and which does not?"
  • "How did the son of an immigrant, poor and down on his luck, create an empire with just two strategies you can use today?"
  • "What one thing can you put in a mail piece to get it open and have qualified prospects driving to your office to meet with you?"
  • "Who wrote the first autoresponder (automatic marketing series) 120 years before the computer, and how was it used to close massive sales?"
  • "Which classic selling closes still work today, and that are rarely used by the averages sales person, but cherished by top earners?"
  • "What one thing you must know about sales and marketing that hasn't changed in 2,367 years and how to use it today?"
Your privacy is important, we hate SPAM, and will NOT share your email address for any reason.

Members get self improvement and sales training that grows your sales and marketing profits now. You can't get these results on the outside looking in, so why not join us today!

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